Monday, 14 May 2012

18th Century game 13.5.12.

Well what can I say about this game ? It was supposed to be a straight forward clash,both armies attacking their set objectives and gaining points for capturing them,however it didn't quite go to plan ! Paul and Graham were on the Bavarian,Spanish and Irish side,whilst Robin,Dave and John were on the British,Austrian,Dutch,Danish and Prussian side.Graham and Robin attacked each other with "gusto" and a real "ding dong" affair it was,with volley fire and melees from the word "go",Robin was eventually beaten back to his original starting line with only half the troops he started with!! In the centre Paul decided to wait until I (john) had taken the windmill to my front, before he mounted a counter attack,meanwhile a couple of my regiments had taken too many casualties and had to retire,in retrospect,if we had known Paul was going to defend,we should have had a third more troops,however the counter attack was successful up to a point,I was drven back along my front, and Dave arrived just in time to get me out of a "hole".On Dave's left flank,he bravely attacked across the stream and charged Paul's gun,captured it and then went on to attack a regiment defending it,again after a real tussle Dave was thrown back and our morale collapsed along the whole front and Graham and Paul were declared the winners. Above is the scenario,the Cavalry battle to the flanks was just a "red herring",but added to the feel of the game.

This is a shot of the whole table before the game started,Paul and Graham's armies on the left of the photo.

This is the village that Paul was defending and which Dave so valliantly attacked.

The abve photo shows Robin's starting positions,he had a further two regiments just out of shot on the right.

This is Graham's starting position,with the windmill half way between him and Robin.

This is Dave's flank,British troops in front and Austrians to his rear,he attacked with the British and swung the Austrians around the wood to assist me in a joint attack against the windmill to my front.

I have included this shot to show the village which Robin was defending,to show that i bought it at a charity shop for £1.50,a real bargain !

This is part of the joint attack on the "uncontested" windmill,Paul's troops look set for the counter attack which proved successful.

This give a good impression of the struggle for the windmill between Dave and Paul,my troops are just out of camera on the far right.

The Irish in full flight after Robin's Prussians and Danes have failed to stand and are beating a hasty retreat back to defend his original position at the £1.50. village!! Never mind there's always next week,however I must remind the group that I refuse to put on another "horse and musket" game without help in the form of a scenario,map etc.-my mind is hurting trying to think of good interesting games every week,moan,moan whinge ,whinge!!

I can't think why I uploaded this again,must be an age thing!!

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