Thursday, 12 September 2013

18th Century game 12.9.13. vs Brian

I've just finished a fascinating game against Brian,which was relatively small,Brian had 7 infantry and supporting cavalry and guns,against my 8 infantry,plus cavalry and guns.
The scenario was simply to occupy a central building,but there were wooded hills to each flank,which could not be ignored.

Move number 1,and my cavalry are moving to my left flank,so is Brian's! Our centres are also moving forward to take the buildings,whilst the right flank is also being contested.

My Guards inf. are inside the building area,and Brian is moving his inf. up to contest it,already my Prussians are in bother on my right flank,although I have managed to stop Brian's cav. from moving forward on that flank.

The fight for the buildings continued for the whole game,here we are giving each other a volley,prior to getting stuck in with bayonets!!

My right flank Prussians are taking a right old "hiding" from Brian's Irish,a combination of cannister and muskets put 2 out of 3 to flight!!

The left flank cavalry battle is not going well for the British!!,and Brian has cunningly swung a regiment of Spanish onto my flank in the buildings area,all looks lost!!

A final shot,showing the Prussians fleeing,the Guards and support under pressure,and the cavalry "retiring",will I ever get the hang of this wargaming??

This was a good game,lots of problems for each side,and played in a great spirit.

We should be okay to play tonight (against Paul)-don't know what period yet,but the terrain could look the same!!

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