Friday, 13 September 2013

Romans vs Britons AD 60

Brian's report to the Senate started something like this; "I wish to report a disastrous engagement with the enemy,who attacked in overwhelming numbers......"

This is the scenario and initial deployment map,Brian was Roman commander,Paul took the left flank Britons,whilst I took the right.

This is the overall view of the table before any movement,my troops are in the foreground,and the Villa in the centre.

I occupied the Villa un-opposed with my slingers,who managed to wreak a bit of havoc on the Roman flank.
Brian had opted to stop his advance opposite Paul,and this had the effect of splitting his forces,which in hindsight,proved his undoing!!

Both Paul and I had to throw "random movement dice" for moves 1,3 and 5,and this slowed our initial advance down a bit,however we did make contact eventually! This shot is of Paul's warbands making contact,his chariots are off to the right,and causing havoc!!

Villa occupied,and warbands making contact on my flank,Brian was in all kinds of trouble at this point,but he kept a stiff upper lip,and soldiered on!!

I had sent my Noble Cavalry on a wide out-flanking manoeuvre,hoping to catch Brian's cavalry out on a limb-which they did!! Outnumbered,and almost surrounded,his morale broke,and he fled with his backs to the British cavalry,the result was inevitable!!
With Paul's chariots,cavalry and warbands victorious on his flank,and with Brian's cavalry broken and "retiring",and my Warbands pressing him on all sides(including occupying the Villa) the Romans capitulated (dirty devils!!) and the Britons were declared the winners-hurrah!

Final shot of Paul's flank,and the Romans being offered very lenient terms of surrender-not!!

Another good and exciting game-two today can't be bad-it's good being retired!!

Roll on Sunday,Paul and Dave are organising a game,I'm really looking forward to that,come on the rest of you!!


  1. Yes a horrible Ploating!! but remember "Defeat is not the worst failure Not to have tried is the true failure"!!!.