Monday, 16 September 2013

French vs Russian 1812 (ish!)

Last night Dave put on a tremendous game for us all,involving a French attack on a Russian redoubt and village.
Brian and I were the French attackers whilst Paul and Graham were the Russian high command-Dave was referee,and general dogsbody,handing out smoke,dice,pens etc.etc.

Here is Dave putting the figures onto the board,organizing the terrain,scenario etc.This was done on Saturday night.

This is my first attack on the redoubt,which was repulsed bloodily!! My second columns moved forward and tried again,they too were repulsed!!
Meanwhile on the left,Brian was moving his cavalry forward to try and block the gap beside the village-he had reinforcements arriving on move three,and would easily take the village(oh yes?)

Our right flank is shown here,I was trying an audacious out-flanking move,but Paul spotted it and launched a most ferocious charge with his cavalry.Even though Paul out-numbered me three to two,I managed to hold my own (no law against that!) but it was going to be critical to hold the line.

General action in the centre of the table,with yet another attack going in on the redoubt,Brian's cavalry are moving forward at a"tardy" rate,and he has turned his back on us for some reason!!

Brian has overcome his "tardiness" and has launched a magnificent cavalry charge,this charge eventually swept everything in it's path off the board-Hurrah!!

Graham tried to stem the tide of the French cavalry by mounting a counter-charge,but Brian's wonderful(?) dice throwing won the day!!

Yet another French attack on that bloody redoubt!! This time I am getting support from Brian's reinforcements,we should easily take it out now!!
Although Brian's troops did manage to get inside the redoubt,Graham had put some good troops inside and fought like demons to throw us back out-bloody redoubt!!

This shows Brian's attack on the village,three bloody attacks went in,and three bloody attacks were unsuccessful!! However the cavalry were riding over everything now,and the Russians had lost the flank-hurrah for Brian!!

Meanwhile,on the other flank,I have charged Paul's cavalry,again, and initially had success,but numbers began to tell and I was eventually pushed back,my Neapolitan infantry never fire a shot all game!!

This shows the last attack on that bloody redoubt! Graham did well to hold onto it for the whole game,with a little bit of help from Paul.
Although we had not achieved the agreed objectives,we asked for a draw (I mean Brian asked for a draw!) and it was granted!!-Fools!!

Final shot of Brian's flank,his cavalry are retiring to regroup after a stirling victory!!
Well done to us all,this was a great game,a special thanks to Dave who organised the whole affair.
Roll on Thursday,maybe two games.

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