Monday, 9 September 2013

Syrians vs Arab/Carthaginians

As I'm not feeling 100% today,I'll keep this blog short!
Last night we had this game involving a Syrian force on the lookout for slaves,coming up against an Arab force who had employed some Carthaginian mercenaries and elephants,plus,the little devils had an ambush laid too!!!
Brian,Richard and Paul were the said Arabs etc. and Dave and Graham were the enslaving Syrians.
Both sided moved to attack each other's flanks whilst moving slowly forward in the centres,the game ended as a win for the Arabs etc. but not easily won!
Everyone seemed to enjoy the various melees and morale throws,but Graham did not enjoy the Ambush!!

These first 4 photo's show the state of play from move one to move three-plenty of action!

Ambush sprung (teknik?) by 4 warbands controlled by Richard against his own father!!-shame on you young gloat! This spelled the end of Grahams best troops,his cataphracts!!

Oh dear!! Although both Dave and Graham formed a sort of defensive line against this charge,they were doomed!!

Despite some fierce fighting on Brian and Dave's flank,around the village,the centre was beaten,and the Graham flank was in disarray-so the "dream team" were announced the winners!
Well done lads,good game,well fought.
The last game photo shows the after game tactical talk-ie who can we blame??

The final photo shows two of Dave's chariots from a company called Cutting Edge,he hopes to have 12 in total plus 10 or so, Hittite infantry units,to be able to take on Brian's Egyptian army,of a similar size,but purchased from On Line.These will be colourful armies,so come on "boys" get painting!!

Don't know about playing on Thursday,will have to check how my chest and lungs are.
After the game last night,we discussed the need for the rest of the club to come up with games to take the pressure off me (thinking of three games a week takes some doing!) so I'm looking forward to that!!


  1. Come on John just because you are excused Boots its no need to be Tardy,the firm I am getting my Egyptian stuff from is Newline Designs and very good it is.

  2. I'm not well you know,and I'm not getting any younger. Apologies to Newline designs though!!