Monday, 2 September 2013

The Final Insult,The Danube 100AD

The Romans have built a stone fort and a stone bridge across the Danube,this is the final insult to the local tribes-they form an alliance with the Dacians and march on the fort and bridge,intent on destroying both!
You know a hobby shouldn't be as good as this!-We laughed and bantered the whole game,at one point there were,literally,tears rolling down Richard's face,as Brian blustered and swore at one of his many bad dice throws,fantastic stuff!!

This was the overall view of the table,Romans on the left and Germans and Dacians on the right,with the "insulting" bridge and fort in the centre.Paul and Richard (who had only come along to watch!) commanded the Romans,whilst Brian and I commanded our own armies .
One of Brian's warbands had been given assault ladders,but were under no obligation to use them.
A good phrase that,"under no obligation to use them!!!!" Brian,don't attack the fort,remember Hoogoumont!!!!!!

And here it is,Hougoumont,sorry I mean the fort,only held by troops firing their bolt-throwing machines.
Brian attacked this edifice no less than 7 times!! and was beaten back no less than 7 times!

First move and first attack on Hougoumont,sorry I mean the fort.Brian's warbands swept forward in grand style against Richard's auxilliaries,inflicting alot of damage,however they held,the Roman cavalry doing particularly well against the German cavalry!!

My Dacians are crossing the Danube in this shot,after the usual skirmishing between light troops,the warbands and extra heavy cavalry are meleeing.The solid lines of the Legion are standing still just waiting their moment-oh dear!!

Brian is having a good old "tussle" here with the Roman auxilliaries,his cavalry have been beaten,and he is just about to add a warband to the melee,to ensure a win!! However the two units were beaten and forced back,so,in typical fashion,Brian turned his whole second line and marched them towards this Cavalry "threat" This did work after a fashion!! and the cavalry "threat" was removed-hurrah!!

Another move,and another French regiment,sorry I mean German warband,attacks Hougoumont,sorry I mean the fort!! In the background,Brian has forced the Aux. infantry back,and is massing to cross the Danube and take on the Legion-oh dear!!

Brian is advancing on the cohorts lining the river bank,notice anything odd?-no one is attacking Hougoumont,sorry I mean the fort.

Paul has thrown everything but the kitchen sink at my Dacians,but I have prevailed,and beaten him back,in this shot,he has even thrown in his personal bodyguard!!-this flank is lost ,but what about the other flank??

Brian has done well,by reaching the other side of the river,however the infamous "pila" put paid to his ambition,and three of his warbands were beaten,but on the positive side,two were successful,this was the "high tide" of the German advance.
With one flank won and the other lost,we decided to call it a night and a draw.

This was,by any standards, a great game,with all the elements of our great hobby involved,I was still laughing when I was going to bed!!

Rag,Tag and Bobtail,aka. Brian,Paul and Richard-great game lads!!
One last photo,especially for you Brian..................................

Roll on Thursday!!

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  1. Really great Game John think we were lucky to get draw think my Crying helped a bit!!