Thursday, 19 September 2013

Ambush Germania 80AD

It's my wedding anniversary (43 years) and I'm wargaming-what kind of wonderful wife have I got!!

This morning our old mate Alan came for a game with Brian and I,and what a game it turned out to be!!

This is the scenario,and initial troop dispositions,Alan was the "ambush commander" Brian was in charge of the troops trying to stop the "escort" column,and I was the Roman commander.
Alan had to throw a dice to see which move number the warbands in the top left hand corner came on,and he threw a 5!!
From move number one,there was movement and shooting of arrows,slings and javelins,I was moving at half rate with the baggage,and this was to prove a deciding factor,as Alan assaulted me and stopped most of my troops from getting across the stream.

This shows Brian's magnificent attack on the "escort column",the melees went on for most of the game,swaying first one way then the other-all very exciting-and nail biting stuff!!

OUCH!! Alan has attacked my leading troops,after first softening them up with archer fire!!Keep an eye on the cavalry (best troops on the board)

Alan's Germans "lurking" in the woods,will my cavalry (best troops on the board) manage to get away over the stream??

50% of the baggage train has fallen into grubby little German hands (Hans!! get it?),and my troops are in all kinds of bother-the cavalry(best troops on the board) are in a good position to attack the Germans over the bridge!!

Meanwhile,back at the other flank and centre,mixed fortunes prevail!! I did manage to drive back some of Brian's warbands,but my lines were non-existent!! and eventually I had to get two of my cohorts onto a nearby hill and try to form some sort of defensive  line.

And now back to the cavalry (best troops on the board),after being shot on by Archers,and surprised from the woods,they had to take a morale test,and guess what?? Yes,they fled the board!!!

This was just too much for the Roman general,who fell on his sword,and died an honorable death..

This was another great game,both Alan and Brian played their parts well,just a pity the Roman commander didn't!!

Roll on tonight,when Paul will be joining Brian and I,in a game of Spartans vs Athenians,over the same terrain (well nearly!!)
Two games today,and it's my wedding anniversary-what kind of wonderful wife have I got!!

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