Friday, 20 September 2013

Sparta vs Athens

Last night's game was just as exciting as the morning game!Paul and Brian came along to make this a memorable day.

This is the scenario,we drew lots and I managed to get the Athenians main army,Paul commanded the troops at the Temple and Brian was the Spartan commander.
I determined to get my Hoplites into a line between the Temple and the wooded hill,before I would attack,Paul really didn't have many options,so he decided to await the Spartan onslaught where he stood,except he used his archer unit very effectively indeed!!-Brian just advanced in a methodical way with his Hoplites,and used his Helots to annoy my flank.

This is a shot of the board before any movement,the Athenians are on the left,and the Spartans on the right,my Helots were poor quality,and really didn't stand a chance against Brian's,the Temple can be seen on the far left,with Brian's Spartans "hiding" behind the Mountains.

Paul's brave troops awaiting the Spartans,the river impeded movement,so Brian had to be careful about timing his charges,note the Archers placed on the Spartans flank!!these did very well and weakened a couple of units before they even got into contact.

My line of Hoplites is complete,and my Heavy cavalry are in position,I will now advance and take on the might of Sparta-what a bloody mistake that was!!-My Helots are being "thrashed" on my right,but what the heck,lets charge anyway!!

With a resounding "crash"(or in my case "plink") the main lines hit each other-we had given the Spartans a good fighting value,so my only hope was in an out-flanking move by my cavalry-as it happens this was to prove vital!! It all depended on Paul holding the Spartans on his flank!

And he did!!!!! not only did he hold them ,he drove them back over the stream-hurrah!!
But,Brian,being Brian, he came on again,and a prolonged melee took place,this was going to be tricky.

There goes my out-flanking cavalry move,I intended to engage the two Spartan units in front of me,then "whack" them in the flank with my cavalry-this actually worked a treat!!( makes a change for me!) However my main line was in terrible danger,and Brian was keeping the pressure on me.

Meanwhile,back on Paul's flank,all appears to be going "swimmingly"-the Spartans are in full retreat,and Brian looks like he's going to ask for a draw-NO CHANCE!!

It's a terrible thing to see,a grown man with tears in his eyes,pleading,nay begging, for a draw!!

Although my Hoplites were well and truly beaten in the centre,Brian's flank was in danger from my cavalry,and his Temple-attacking troops were streaming back to Sparta,so Paul and I were declared the winners.-What a game!!

roll on Sunday,Brian is organising a Rangers vs Indians game-should be exciting!


  1. I always like hoplite games, and to see the forces of democracy victorious warmed my heart!
    Good report!

  2. You're right,these games are always colourful and exciting,and of course good fun to play.Thanks for the comment,keep 'em coming!!