Friday, 6 September 2013

Macedonians vs Indians.

Last night Paul's wish to emulate Alexander the Great's successes came true!!
Brian and I commanded a formidable Indian army consisting of light and heavy infantry,cavalry,chariots and of course ELEPHANTS!!!
Paul and Dave (for a while!) took on the mantle of Alexander and Parmenio,with a typical Macedonian army consisting of the deadly Phalanx,light troops,and of course Companion cavalry.

A shot of the table before any movement,with Alexander on the left and Indians on the right.

The Companions,in wedge formation, came thundering forward,to be met by Brian's lighter cavalry,preceded by a few ineffectual bow shots. Brian did well in this encounter,and managed to hold the Companions for a while-this melee went on for most of the game!!

My chariots are charging Dave's left flank,he had decided to refuse the flank,and send his heavy cavalry over to the right to support Paul.Under "normal" circumstances this was a tactical mistake,however a couple of my chariots got punctures!! and my charge just bounced of his peltasts.My first line of elephants are just about to charge the phalanx,and my second line,in column, are moving across my front in an attempt to discomfort Paul's Companions.

Billy Smart would have been proud of this formation!!-Two of my elephant units have made contact against the phalanx,and my centre is moving very slowly forward,awaiting the outcome of the massive cavalry battle taking place on my left flank.

Oh hell!! things ain't going well!! Brian is being driven back at a  rate of knots,and even more cavalry are arriving on the scene,from Dave's flank.

This is a general view of the table,showing what a state the Indians were in!! Dave left at this point,to go to work(hmm,work? ah yes I remember it now,I don't go to work,because I'm retired,I don't know if I've mentioned that before!)

What a mess! My chariots are just about to retire (bad morale) my elephants are being shot to bits,and Brian's cavalry are retiring!

Final shot,It's all over now baby blue!!-bloody Companion Cavalry!!

Yet another good game,full of colour,movement,and the usual bad and good dice throws!!

Roll on Sunday-don't know what we'll be playing yet,I sometimes run out of ideas,so come on lads,get your thinking caps on and help me out!!

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