Monday, 23 September 2013

French and Indian War 1754

Last night Brian came up with a very interesting and intriguing game,based on an Indian rescue bid for a captured Indian.
The aforementioned Indian was being held in Edward's farm by some civilians(who by the end of the game had reached S.W.A.T./S.A.S. status!!) and two companies of Rangers.The rescue party Indians had to get him out and beat any other Rangers and British troops sent to bring him back to Fort Courage!!

This is a photo of the table before any movement began,Edward's farm can be seen on the left middle,and the first wave of Indians can be seen paddling across the lake to begin their attack-Paul was in charge of the Indians whilst I commanded the Rangers and S.W.A.T. team of civilians!!

Paul's attack on the farm was ferocious! three war parties against 2 Ranger units and the dreaded civilians!
I was making my way down the board from the left with 10 Ranger units and 1 full British regiment,fresh from the mother country.

My advance-Arrowhead formation for the Rangers,who had been ordered to relieve the Farm,and also out-flank the Indians as they came ashore from the lake-the hapless British march and form line ready to deliver a shattering volley-NOT!!

A fire-fight has developed in the woods,the British,having recovered from their earlier enforced retirement,form up a again and advance to relieve the farm,which at this point in the game,is under severe pressure.

Paul was handed a note from Brian at this point,saying his escape canoes had been "savaged" by a Bear!! and his only escape route now was via a woodland path over on the far side of the board-this was irrelevant because the Farm was still in the hands of the S.W.A.T. team!!

"Arrows flying and women crying,but I'm singing a happy song"-Paul lost so many melees and war parties,that he decided to give up his attacks and regroup nearer the lake edge(hope that Bear's gone!!)

This shot shows the Indians "retiring" to the lake edge,however I am maintaining the pressure and involving them in a fire-fight,being no nearer to achieving his objective,as he was at the start of the game,Paul decided enough was enough,and capitulated!!

The final shot,Indians on the run and Rangers all over them like a rash!!I have decided to issue all the civilians with an Uzi each,and send them on a course on how to swing through windows on a rope,and handle stun grenades!!

A "cracking" game Brian,well done!
The standard has been set high from Dave and Brian,now it's Paul's turn next Sunday,and Graham the Sunday after that!!
In the meantime,roll on Thursday!!
All the figures used last night were from Warrior Miniatures,and I think looked quite good.

Brian brought along his newly painted Rameses Chariot from Newline Designs( and not Online Design as I previously blogged!!)Check this out.........

Pretty cool!! Brian's only "grouse" is that the Chariots come in lots of bits and are a bit of a "bugger" to make up without super-gluing yourself to them!! but he has persevered and done a damned good job at that!!
One point must be made about this lovely model-Gold Reins!! wow standards are soaring now!!

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