Monday, 17 February 2014

"All along the Watchtowers" Rome vs Germans and Dacians.

Last night saw the three amigos,Brian,Paul and I fight an absolute "cracker" of a game,featuring Dacians,Germans and Romans.

This is the scenario,Brian commanded the Marcomani,I commanded the Dacians,whilst Paul had the tremendous task of commanding the Romans by himself.

Brian's German tribesmen start their ill-fated advance,with Paul just getting his "Blue" legion into position-Brian had opted for an all-out assault over the river,and against the Fort/Watchtower.

Here are my Dacians doing the same as Brian's troops-I had to get over the river/lake and attack as soon as possible,it was slow going @ half speed!! In the background you can see Paul's "Red" legion coming to stop me!!

The magnificent Romans swing into position in the background whilst the "Red" legion advances to stop me from "landing" on the shore of the lake.Both watchtowers were armed with catapults or bolt-throwers,and these did a bit of damage before either Brian or I got anywhere near our objectives!!

My assault begins-the wet footed Dacians have eventually made it to land,and attack the watchtower,whilst my other troops are still wading forward,hoping to land before Paul's legion can form up!!

Melee,and success-hurrah!! I was all over Paul's troops like a Primark suit,and actually occupied the fort for a while.My cavalry(Sarmatians) have contacted the legion,but with disastrous results!!
Paul's legion is lining up ready to charge my troops emerging from the lake.I wonder how Brian is faring??

In the face of Brian's advance,Paul has retired his legion-but to what sneaky purpose? I hope Brian has noticed that unit of heavy cavalry moving onto his flank/rear!! Brian is also attacking the watchtower,and moving his own cavalry over to his right,where Paul is amassing his cavalry.

Disaster!! Paul's cavalry are running amok in Brian's rear,and his legion is now winning melees galore along his front.Combine that little fact with Brian's troops being sent packing from the assault on the watchtower,and it looks like the Romans are winning-however,on my flank of the battlefield..........

Through sheer weight of numbers,and not much tactical skill,I have managed to push the "Red" legion back and gain a foot-hold on the shore-another hurrah!! In the background Brian's cavalry,who took on twice his own number and beat them, is retiring,as is his whole army!!
Brian called for one of his famous "Draws" at this point,and we all agreed that this would be the fairest result.
Another great game,roll on Thursday night-Egyptian vs yet another "made-up" army to test Brian's mettle!!

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