Monday, 24 February 2014

Mahratta Regular Brigade

Here are a few photos of my first Regular brigade for the Mahratta army. They will have in addition an Najib/Matchlock battalion and each regular battalion will have a gun attached, to represent the 5 guns which De Boigne allocated to each battalion!
Figures are, as usual, by Redoubt except for the Brigade commander, which is an Elite French Revolutionary officer from their 30mm range.
The Green battalion - actually all the battalions will eventually be named, as in DeBoigne's and Perron's army, after great cities and fortresses - Delhi, Agra etc

I will paint another brigade, the first battalion of which is on the painting table, and these will represent the First Brigade, the 'Cheria Fauj', (The Army of Birds). They will be dressed as De Boigne dressed them in Scarlet coats, black belts and Blue Turbans.
Next up is some artillery and draft animals.

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