Sunday, 23 February 2014

"El Cid" vs The Moors

Tonight saw the "famous five" on the rolling plains of Andalusia in Northern Spain,where "El Cid" and his united Spanish army(Richard and myself) were taking on Ben Yussef's invading Moorish army(Graham,Brian and Paul)
This was the first battle for my new armies,so hopes for a good game were high-all figures are from Warrior Miniatures EL CID range.

The game started at a sedate pace in the centre,where all of the infantry had been placed,but on both flanks the cavalry thundered towards each other at a fast pace-this shot shows Richard's right flank cavalry advancing on Graham's cavalry,the "Black Guard" has left the safety of the camp and are advancing too!!

CRASH!! it looks like a bad case of Grand National fever! Richard did very well and beat Graham twice and threw him back,however Graham had reserves and fed them in carefully until he had the advantage,and Richard was forced back onto his reserves-this was going to be brutal and bloody!!

Meanwhile ,in the centre,Brian and I are moving slowly onwards,perhaps awaiting the outcome of the flank battles before we charge.I think Paul is in love with Brian,by the way he is looking at him-real hero worship if ever I saw it!!-Or maybe he is just saying,Brian,go for it,attack!!!!!

Paul,having got over his "crush" on Brian,has launched his cavalry against mine,we were equally matched so a dice throw would solve the ensuing melees-I obviously stood no chance against our club "high roller"-and I didn't!! I was thrown back in defeat-no hurrah!!
The infantry still haven't met yet,you will notice!

Meanwhile,on Richard's flank, we look to be in trouble,but a tremendous run of good dice turnrd our fortunes around,and Graham was in full flight with all of his troops-phew!!

Switching back to the centre and my left flank,things were going well,as you can see from the body language from Brian,and the smirk from Graham!! However wargames do seem to favour the opposition and not me,so on the next move,the whole situation changed,and I was getting beaten- no hurrah's yet again!!

Brian kept feeding troops from his second line into the melee,and Graham has attacked my flank with his Black Guard-I am in trouble,do you think they would accept a draw?

A final shot showing Brian's infantry pushing me back,however Richard was within a whisker of capturing the Moor's camp,and had driven Graham from the board,so I think a draw was a good result.
This was a good,colourful and exciting game,and it didn't really matter who won or who lost,it was played in a good spirit,and my armies have had their first outing-one of many,no doubt.
Roll on Thursday,probably playing twice-don't know what periods yet.

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  1. Beautiful stuff John, can't wait to have a game with them. I can feel a unit of Andalusian Knights or Berbers coming on!