Sunday, 23 February 2014

Mahratta Update!

My Mahratta project has taken a back seat this past year and a half without any new additions. However at the start of 2014 I have decided that I must push on with it and try to paint up enough figures to have a game. After all that is the whole point, these are not just for show!
So I sent away to Redoubt for some new figures and painted them up as soon as they arrived, which is quite good going for me ( I don't have the luxury of being retired John!). The first photos are of my new Mahratta cavalry commander. Actually I think he is more like a Rajput or Moghul Prince of high blood and he will certainly figure prominently in future scenarios. It is a beautiful figure.
Although the figures are on their final bases I have still to finalise how I will texture them.
Next up is another European/French mercenary commander and I have painted him based on the description of Colonel Pedron, captured by Lake at Aligurh, "an elderly man, clad in a green jacket with gold lace and epaulets". The figure is by Elite (from the 30mm range) and fits in nicely size-wise with the Redoubt figures.
Accompanying him is an Indian officer, one of my favourite figures that Redoubt do.

Next are some irregular troops. The two above are classed as Pathans on the Redoubt site and I intend to mix them in with my Matchlock men to make up the najib battalions which formed part of the regular brigades. They can of course be used independently and as garrison troops.
Lastly is a figure of an Arab mercenary, which is lovely, and I intend to have a unit of these also.
That's all for now but I will post some further photos later of the other units I have completed. Dave H.


  1. Cracking stuff Dave,can't wait 'til you have them on the board-they've got to be the next demo game somewhere.

  2. That would be a hell of an incentive to get them finished John! 2014 is the year of Wellington in India and the year of the Hittites!

  3. Really great figures Dave,can't wait to see them on the board don't know if you knew but I am nearly finished even more Egyptians!!.