Friday, 21 February 2014

Egyptians vs Made up Army!!

Last night saw Brian,Paul and I somewhere in the fertile Nile plain!!
I had set a game up for Brian to test his competence using his Egyptian army(with a massive influx of archers!) against a mainly infantry force albeit with some "hidden" heavy chariots!
Paul commanded the Numidians and chariots,whilst I commanded an Illyrian force-very strange combination but it worked and Brian had his work cut out!!

This shows Brian's left flank advancing towards Paul's Troops-the chariots are hidden in the town.Paul's plan was to lure the Egyptians towards the town then let loose his heavy chariots-hurrah!!

This shot shows the overall picture after 4 moves-my infantry have advanced and driven Brian's light troops back,but he is busy sending his Heavy infantry in against me-I had hoped to lure Brian's right flank chariots into a trap involving light archers and some peltast-types-however Brian has learned from the last two games and was having none of it!!

Action!! a grand melee ensued,which saw first Brian,and the me being successful in turns-however Brian did eventually win and pushed all of my troops back,and won the flank and centre..........
However on Paul's flank things did not go Brian's way!!

Paul's clever use of a combined infantry and chariot force has pushed Brian back and Paul is actually heading for the Pharoah himself!! Paul also tried to take some of the pressure off me by sending a chariot unit to support my "fleeing" infantry-what a nice chap!!

Brian is in real trouble here-Paul's troops are all over him like a rash!!- the chariot unit in the foreground is trying to help me out,but,as usual, I was beyond help!!

The final shot,Paul is pushing all before him,and I am running like hell!!woe is me,Paul is looking as though Brian has asked him for a draw-he wouldn't would he? YES was the reply,he did ask for a draw!!-the nerve of the man.has he no shame?-NO was the reply,he hasn't,but we conceded a draw was a good enough result.
This was an interesting game which threw up some tactical questions,but Brian is obviously getting to know how to fight his army-roll on the day that he fights a proper enemy ie Hittites(Dave??)

Roll on Sunday,I will be rolling my "El Cid" armies out for a battle,so should be colourful and exciting,we are hoping for a team of 5 on Sunday if Richard's shift patterns allow,and Graham has got over moving house!!


  1. Fantastic looking game boys. Yes John I know I need to get the Hittites finished. We dont all have the luxury of being retired! lol

    1. How did you know I had retired?-I haven't told anyone!!

  2. Dont make too many Heavy Chariots Dave they take a hell of
    a lot of stopping!!!