Thursday, 27 February 2014

Saving Ryan's Privates-Sudan 1885

This morning Brian and I were fighting in the Sudan!! I was in command of the Mahdist forces,whilst Brian took command of the British.

This is the scenario,Brian wasn't given the map,so he didn't know about the hidden troops.however he was told the scenario,and told to adopt whatever formation he liked to advance to save Captain Ryan-he opted for a column formation,and this was nearly his undoing!!

Brian is advancing with his columns,cavalry and camels guarding his flanks,my Ansars are "looping" around the village,hoping to combine their attack with the Haddendowah attack,when I spring up from behind the ridge!!

SURPRISE,SURPRISE!!The rear of the column now looks very vulnerable indeed,and with a bit of luck the Ansars will be in position soon,and that will be the end of the British-hurrah!!

The Camel Corps is overwhelmed! The rear of the column is trying to form a firing line,and the RHA battery is opening fire against a whole horde of "Fuzzy Wuzzies"-where are my Ansars??-what was the question??

21st Lancers and Baggara cavalry meet in a ferocious charge-Lancers won!! I was driven back and this allowed Brian to reform and charge against my Ansars,taking them in the flank-oh dear!

This shot shows the Northumberlands in trouble,whilst in the background,steady vollies from the Punjabi infantry and the Notts regiment are destroying the Ansar attack.

The Northumberlands are being driven back onto the guns,and in the background the Berks and the Gatling gun are under intense attacks-this is surely going to be a Mahdist victory!!

Although the Northumberland were forced to retire,Brian is gaining the upper hand,and my attacks are slowing down to a stop!!-What went wrong?- Good old fashioned rifle fire and British "pluck" that's what!!

My last remaining Ansar unit is being "mauled" by the Lancers in this shot,so with cries of "they don't like it up 'em" and the bitter taste of sand in my mouth,we called it a day,and the British were declared the winners.
This was an exciting and colourful game,and could have gone either way,but in the end controlled volley fire and good bayonet work won the day-well done Brian!
We will be playing tonight,Romans vs Carthaginians-on the same terrain,Paul will be joining us.
It must be pointed out that Captain Ryan and his small force of Seaforths lived to fight another day,so that he,and his privates were indeed saved!!!

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