Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Mahratta war British Sepoys

Here are a few photos of my British infantry and the Mahratta guns. Above is the nearly completed 12th Madras with green facings. To the left of the picture are the first couple of figures for my 3rd Sepoy battalion the 10th Madras. I am basing my initial forces on Wellesleys army at Assaye so there will be 2 British battalions, 4 Sepoy battalions and a unit of pickets, 1 British cavalry regiment and 3 Madras Native cavalry regiments.
Not sure how the above photo sneaked in! The red battalion from my Mahratta regular brigade.
Next is the completed 4th Madras with orange facings.
This unit is a mix of standing firing figures in the front rank and a variety of loading and at ready figures in the second rank. The firing figure is nice but I have found the ankles to be very thin and one broke even with gentle handling. The remaing battalions will therefore be in marching or advancing poses. Flags are by The Virtual Armchair General who do all regiments in both Wellesleys and Lakes armies and over 100 Mahratta flags. The added bonus is that the proprietor is an absolute gentleman and was very helpful in printing the flags slightly over size to complement the larger Redoubt figures.
A shot (round?) of my Mahratta guns collected so far. The mortar to the right is actually a Mysore Tiger Mortar but it will see service with my Mahrattas. The guns are by Elite and are from my Napoleonic collection ( a good cost saving).
The 4th Madras again....
Finally a couple of photos of the First Brigade commander Lieutenant-Colonel William Wallace who commanded the 74th foot and the 4th and 12th Madras at Assaye. Wallace is a Redoubt figure while his second in command is an Elite Miniatures staff officer (a lovely one piece casting).
That's it for now. I have another Mahratta cavalry unit on the painting table as well as a regular infantry battalion and I will post photos when they are done. Dave H.


  1. From a Man of few words Stupendous!!

  2. They're all right I suppose!!!!!!!!!( or in jealous mode,CORRRR!)
    Great Dave,well done,let's get them on the board as quickly as possible.