Monday, 24 February 2014

Mysore Bullocks!

No this post is not about my painful medical condition but I couldn't resist the title!
In addition to the infantry and cavalry I have been painting some artillery and 'logistical' support.
First up are some supply camels and these can be used for either side. A huge number of camp followers (no sniggering Brian) and support personnel accompanied both the British and Mahratta armies (approximately 10 for every fighting man in the British army) and I feel this has to be represented on the wargames table. I intend to have a base of these camels for every brigade as De Boigne had 126 for each of his brigades. I think the defence and safe movement of the baggage train will make an interesting scenario in itself.
Now to the bullocks mentioned in the post title. Not just bullocks but Mysore bullocks, reputedly the strongest in India. Wellesley used these in his Madras army during the Deccan campaign and Redoubt make lovely models of them (which my painting does not do justice). They were used to pull the artillery and as the model represents a 6lb gun (attached to each battalion in 2 gun sections) I have used 2 bullocks to pull it. Bigger guns will have 4 bullocks, or even an elephant to pull them.
The gun and the limber are also by Redoubt who also make a bullock cart, a couple of which I will be adding to the baggage train.

The gun deployed for action. Actually most of the artillery personnel was European assisted by Indian Lascars but the British artillery crew which Redoubt produce are in the Bengal Horse Artillery uniform! I will use these when I paint up my galloper guns which accompanied the cavalry.

I hope the last three posts have been of some interest to people. In my opinion this is a lovely range of figures which, if not always entirely accurate, has a huge amount of charm and some really beautiful figures! I will post more photos as I complete further units.

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