Friday, 7 February 2014

Damned Colonials and Punic Treachery.

What a wargaming week I've had so far-I was invited down to Charlie Wesencraft's house on Tuesday for an American War of Independence game,and last night Brian and I fought Paul in a Roman vs Carthaginian game.

This shows Dave,Charlie and Phil planning the British defeat!-Mel is out of picture to the left.

Ron is contemplating his opening move,whilst Mike(to Ron's right) and myself have already decided what to do-great plan,however it was not to be the British victory that we rightly deserved!!

This shows Ron's fine attack about to go in against the redoubts-it failed and Ron was killed!! however it looked good!!-many thanks to Charlie,Ron,Mike,Phil,Dave and Mel for making me feel welcome,and guiding me through their rules.

And now for last night's epic battle.

WOW!! battle in full swing,Brian guarding the left of the Roman army(and getting ambushed from the wooded hill!!)and my Hastati moving forward to take on Paul's front line troops-mainly Gauls and Spaniards-look at the column of Elephants emerging from the Carthaginian camp!!

Brian's cavalry are in full flight in this shot-however they are running away(sorry,I mean retiring) whilst the bloody Elephants are getting closer!!

Paul has unleashed his Elephants,luckily against Brian and not me!!-these beasts proved not to be too reliable,and after initial success,were driven back and caused a lot of confusion to the Carthaginian heavy cavalry-hurrah!!

The final throes!! My Princepes have charged into Paul's second line and have "bounced"-yet another defeat,but there's always another day!!
This was a large and epic game,and Paul was a worthy winner-even Brian couldn't have called for a draw!!
Dave turned up,just in time for coffee and biscuits(funny how he timed that to perfection!!) and brought some of his recently painted Tippoo Sultan figures-wonderful,that's all I can say about them-wonderful.Paul has also been busy painting his long awaited 7YW Austrians,they look tremendous-he says they will be ready within the next couple of weeks for a small,but welcome, game-looking forward to that.

roll on Sunday,probably put on the game I had at Charlie's house,but using Marlburian figures.


  1. Good stuff - that is a BIG ancients game...

    1. Thank you, scenario courtesy of John.. I was challenged to the game.. 800 point army with either of the woods being able to have hidden troops ( within reason) ..... I'm sure Brian was waiting for an elephant to come out after the numidian cavalry ambushed him
      I used an excel sheet as a help to pick troop types
      Heavy inf 30 light inf 10, heavy cav 40 Lcav 20 and elephants 40.. commanders 10 points.... simple and very effective
      I ended up with31 units. John had 31 strangely enough! But entirely differing composition
      If any one would like a copy please ask .. more than welcome to send it out

    2. Thanks for the extra info - it might make a good convention game...!?

  2. About 760 figures incl command and bolt throwers in tower! Remember them Brian?