Friday, 3 July 2015

Battle of Bakat 1897-the Sudan.

Our colonial games tend to be fast moving,colourful and damned exciting!-last night's game was all of those things-Paul was the Khalifa,and I was the "Sirdar"(Lord Kitchener)

The scenario and table before any movement.
My plan was for the Egyptians to thwart the Dervish cavalry and bombard the town prior to the infantry moving in to capture it at the point of the bayonet!
The task force was to isolate the Fort,and the main attack was to drive the Dervish rifles away from the front of the Town and then concentrate their fire on the inevitable Haddendowah attack!!

Three shots of Paul's troops-first his cavalry(which were wiped out by the Egyptian lancers!),his defenders of the Town(which came out of their defensive positions and beat the "crap" out of the Northumberland Fusiliers and the Seaforth Highlanders!!The last photo is my newly painted Perry musicians group,but the question must be asked-how did that horse get up into the tower??

The top photo shows my British contingent disembarking from the barges,and forming a firing line-however I got too involved in taking the defences with two regiments,and suffered the consequences later on.The bottom photo shows my Egyptians also forming a fine line c/w gatling and artillery-hurrah!!

My Seaforths have driven a group of Dervish back,but are being attacked from the flank by another group-I was too impatient,and should have waited for the Egyptians(on the right) to support me-the Scots were driven back and wiped out-woe is me(and them!!)

My Lancers,in grand style,are driving back the Dervish Baggara cavalry-however Paul has backed them up with a couple of units of Haddendowah infantry,and they drove me back-I then threw some lucky dice and eventually won the melee on the third round-"phew" tense stuff!

The action in front of the town is hotting up-you can just see the first elements of Haddendowah infantry sneaking  their way through the palms to attack the rear of the British line!!
The "Task Force" was knocking hell out of the main Haddendowah attack on the left flank,using a combination of artillery fire and volley fire,but weight of numbers and "fanatical zeal" was going to prove too much-double woe is me!!

Oh dear,the Notts regiment seem to be in a spot of bother,as Paul has launched his "Black Death" against them-this was the rear of the British line,so all is lost me thinks!!

Keeping up the momentum of his attacks,it is now the turn of the Egyptians to face the "Black Death"-although one unit of Egyptians did manage to get into the Town-hurrah!! but they were eventually wiped out-Boo!!
Things were not looking good for the British(understatement of the year?)

That's it!!-the end of the game,and we both were exhausted,but elated at the same time-Paul because he had won,me because the game was successful!!
Roll on Sunday,hopefully Brian will join us(he has been moving house) and possibly Dave(he has been working shifts) for another exciting game.
Next month's "Wargames Illustrated" carries a report on the Carronade Show,and we are hopeful that a photograph or two of our game will be featured.
All of the figures used in this game were from Warrior Miniatures(a lot of them "modified") except a few from Irregular and Perry.
The building are solid blocks of wood "chisselled" out to represent doors,windows and stairs,the "palms" are from a local pet store(exotic fish department!)


  1. Great game john.. non stop action and massive casualties .... needed a quiet room after ha ha

    1. Yes,and I needed a quiet "morgue"!!!!!!