Thursday, 29 August 2013

Crossing the Rhine 100AD

Brian and I had a good game this morning,based on a large German force trying to cross the Rhine,whilst the Romans tried to stop them.

This shot was taken about move three!! My Romans are about to move forward to meet the rush of Germans,and both flank hills are being assaulted.Brian opted to make a full-blooded attack on my centre,whilst I  was observing where his main attack would be,and then launch a counter-attack!

This is my right flank hill,with my skirmishers retiring after having given Brian's troops a bit of a "bashing"-It didn't make any difference to them,they just kept coming!!
In the centre you can see the Germans about to charge my central cohorts.

Here they come! I have counter-attacked with the troops on my left flank hill,after the catapult,situated there,failed to hit anything-this was,I thought,a good move,and put Brian into a bit of a dilema.

The cohorts are getting stuck into the warbands in the centre,but Brian is pushing me back on the right hill.The Germans still have alot of warbands un-committed-Help!!

What a brawl!! the Romans are getting the better of the melee in the centre,however both my flanks are in peril,and the German cavalry are "lurking" just waiting to spot a weakness.

After a long,hard struggle,my Auxilliaries on the right hill have driven the Germans back,however my left hill is taken-my cohorts are prevailing in the centre,is the game up for the Germans?

YES!! the Germans,under their very able leader (Brian) will live to fight another day!
This was a very enjoyable game,and was in the balance for most of the time,-roll on tonight,when Brian has planned an English Civil War game for Paul and I.

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