Thursday, 22 August 2013

Dacians vs Germans.

Memo to Dacian commander-Omens are not good.Don't contemplate fighting Germans today.

Of course I took no notice of the memo,and suffered the consequences!!-Utter humiliation and total defeat!!
My Dacians had invaded Germania,and were intent on capturing a fortified homestead,the Germans had to stop me.
From move one we both advanced to the fray,I had sent 3 warbands onto my left flank to capture the fortified place,my centre was moving forward to engage the Germans placed on a hill,and my cavalry were hoping to catch the German cav. by standing still and waiting for my "fanatics" to move onto the flank,thus crushing the opposition!!

Initial moves: Germans moving off hill to try and outflank my advancing Dacians,whilst centre troops move to contact.

My good intentions are thwarted!!Germans moving onto my flank! in the background the cavalry are about to clash.

The centres are locked in battle,neither side getting any real advantage yet,I have sent one warband off to the far right to chase away some archers-I should know better!!

My best troops,on my left flank,who were supposed to be in the fortified camp by now,have been stopped in their tracks,by wild blue eyed,flaxen haired Germans,things are not going as planned!!

Hurrah,success! My cavalry are beating the Germans,and my "fanatics" are just about to complete the victory,but what of my left and centre?

Well,this shows what!! left flank completely destroyed,centre being pushed back in most sectors,game lost!!
this will teach me to take note of the omens!(what have the omens ever done for us?)
Although this was a good thrashing,I still enjoyed the spectacle of the game,loads of movement and correct tactics being used-I will of course blame the dice!!

Roll on tonight,Macedonians vs Persians.

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