Saturday, 31 August 2013

Border Reiver

Today was Border Reiver at Gateshead International Stadium.  Myself and Graham(aka dad) and our fearless leader John and Dave all made an appearance sadly Paul was saddled with work (booo) and Brian was out of commission with a poorly knee.

 This is the first time I have been to this show last time I was at one it was still at the Metro Radio Arena with all its associated darkness with traders and display games all needing to bring their own lights to be able to see properly. I am pleased to say the new Stadium venue is alot better with ample room and excellent lighting and they opened the cafe this year ( im told in previous years it was just a burger van outside ) which was doing a roaring trade.

Anyway enough waffling onto the show. There were a good number of display games including this humongous space marines vs chaos featuring 3 massive Titans it looked very impressive. 

This AWI game was put on by the guys from Falkirk District Wargames Club. All thouroughly nice chaps they all had plenty of time for the people watching taking time out to   explain what was happening and have a general chat
This Blood Bowl game looked the part loads of nice touches in and around the stadium including LED lighting
This game recreated an SAS attack on a german fighter base.

This Wild West participation game was a hit with the kids and had a good deal of interest 

Another one from the Falkirk game 

This downed dropship scene looked stunning

This ACW game looked the part and the on board labels helped follow the units and objectives easily

We all enjoyed the show and all came away with something new from paints to figures plenty to keep us busy hehe.


  1. Having moved to Scotland a few years ago it is a while since I have been to Border Reiver - I will have to try to get down again as this venue seems to be a lot better.

    I am now with the Falkirk club - its good to see a couple of photos of their game. I know from our forum that the lads enjoyed the trip.

  2. Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed the show and thanks for the picture of our ACW game

  3. A good first effort,young gloat,Falkirk club mightn't be too chuffed with a label of ACW though!
    keep writing blogs,it takes the stress off me!!
    well done.