Monday, 5 August 2013

Zulu Game 4.8.13.

Last night,depending which side you were on,we had a "cracking" game,Zulus vs British.
I was in command of the Zulus ( Dave was supposed to be helping me,but couldn't make it until later) and Richard and Brian commanded the British.

The scenario,both Brian and Richard were tasked with keeping their troops safe and intact,and of course, beating the Zulus! Brian was in charge of the column,whilst Richard was in charge of the Fort.

This is the general view of the table before any troops were put on it,gently rolling hills,a lovely stream,hot sunny day,what could possibly spoil it??

In this shot you can see Richard's command,with look-outs on the hill c/w artillery,and Brian's column snaking towards the ford.On move number one,they were both given slips of paper with reports from their scouts,advising them of "thousands of Zulus,approaching fast,orders needed!!
Now,it must be pointed out that Richard had never played a Zulu game before,so had no idea as to how fast and furious these games could be!! Which could explain his orders to the troops on the hill!!-"stand fast and give the approaching Zulus,a volley"-OH dear me!!

The Fort,looking too much like Rorke's Drift for my liking!!-all together now,"Men of Harlech-----------!

WHOOSH!!!!the Zulus are coming,the Zulus are coming! too late for Richard's artillery,taking half a move to limber,it was over-run,the Marines and Rifles were luckier,and managed to run back towards the Fort,however they ran in front of the defences,so their comrades in arms couldn't fire on the chasing Zulus!!

And now it's Brian's turn to be "smote" by the Zulu hordes!! After delivering the initial message,his mounted scouts had "gone home"leaving him with precious few troops,however he tried to form a line of sorts (but ignored the waggons as a defensive tool!) to meet the on-rushing Zulus.

In this rare photo of Brian you can see him writing out his Will!!The Zulus are attacking his rear and front in a determined charge.A couple of regiments of the dreaded Zulus were repulsed by a combination of Gatling and rifle fire,but they just kept coming onwards,perhaps Richard could send you some help!

Come on Richard,send Brian some help!!-well apparently not,you seem to be occupied somewhat!!
The Fort offered some resisitance,but over-whelming numbers etc. etc. etc.

Brian's column is shattered and is breaking up under weight of numbers,it was at this point that my Reserve arrived,and moved across the river (taking two moves to do so) to cut the British off from the Fort! This was a real blow for the British who could not stand any further pressure.

The Zulu Reserve can be seen crossing the river,whilst in the background the column is in serious trouble,Richard's remaining troops, the Rifles and Marines,are occupying the Kraal,to make a last desperate stand!!

What! no red-coats? The Fort has been taken and the defenders killed to a man!!
The column,by this time had disintegrated,and the Zulus were everywhere mopping up!
I was declared the winner,and Dave arrived!!
Roll on Thursday,when I will be parading my new Dacian army,against a Roman army.

This was a fast and exciting game,with lots of movement,colour ,good humour,and of course "banter"at the end,Richard had to phone and arrange "counselling",Brian had to go home and lie down in a darkened room,and I just went into the house for a cool drink!!

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