Friday, 30 August 2013

Painting update

It's probably obvious to most of our regular guests that I am now surrounded by a group of fanatical figure painters.

Recent weeks have seen gardens neglected, grandchildren lost in uncut morasses and left to fumble for the way out. Cries to grandad are left unheeded ........... Ammmm painting me bloody Germans!

Hedges are sprouting so high that Newcastle Airport are advising helicopters to raise their minimum height by 100'. Westerhope never looked so shabby!

Brian and John have had an equivalent of a paint brush arms race where every time you step into the garage it's like standing in an art class .............. masses of new figures , all painted and based at a breakneck pace. New periods are sprouting faster than paparazzi around the royal baybee

Germans......... Dacians .......... Egyptians and Hittites
(who are these people and has Tony Blair gone to visit them recently?)

David is a different animal ! With immense talent and technique, he has finished a Seven Years War Austrian commander for me and it's bloody great!

(I know , over the top......... but I still want him to do some more figures!!)

Meanwhile back to my enterprise
 ...........  I have acquired a tin of gloss varnish from Brian (most gratefully received ......all for free! ) and decided to ensure my family left me all by myself on a bank holiday Monday by filling the room with vapours.

Here are the results on my Austrians,

These guns and crew were bought off e bay and touched up a bit then glossed. Not a bad buy!

 Hopefully some progress reports of further schemes.        Oh and great English Civil War game Brian! loved the panic result where John lost some infantry , the cheques in the post.


  1. Great Figs Paul, More Egypyians arrived this Morning so production line back in full flow.

  2. Looking fantastic Paul. Love that blue on the officer. Ive got my first British regiment on painting bases so hopefully get them painted in the next few weeks kids permitting lol

  3. Brian,have you been at the shoe polish again??