Monday, 19 August 2013

Marlburian 18th Century game.

Last night we were 5!!Graham,Richard,Paul,Brian and I.
Paul and Brian commanded a Danish and Hesse coalition,against a Franco/Irish/Bavarian force.
The French and Allies had to attack and capture an open village,and a hill with a gun emplacement on it-no mean feat!!
Richard and his Irish attacked immediately,and I supported him with my French cavalry and infantry,whilst Graham attacked(slowly!) the Hesse troops guarding the main hill.

The first Irish attack goes in,however a well-placed gun plus volley fire,drove them back,except one brave regiment,who,with support from the French,actually got into the village-hurrah!!-Brian, pay attention!!

The're in!! however a well-timed move by Paul brought a Danish regiment onto the flank of the Irish,and threw them out again!!

The Irish have been "ejaculated" from the village,but the French are now making their presence felt,my cavalry have moved through the woods,and have been attacked by Paul's Danes-I was soundly beaten here and my cavalry forced back,however my infantry managed to form a firing line in time to meet the Danish Grenadiers,moving forward from the left.

When asked what he was doing,in this shot,Brian replied "Pondering"-he should have been anxious looking at the mass of Bavarian troops heading his way,but he skilfully moved his infantry forward,reducing the amount of space Graham had to deploy,thus negating his advantage! (note the cavalry,which Brian has moved to the flank,stopping all of Graham's movement-clever bugger!)-he still looks grim though!

In this photo,my French infantry have been driven back,my cavalry are "retiring",and the Irish are in dis-array,to say the least!The Danes have held the village.

Brian has retired his infantry in this shot,to regroup,knowing that Graham couldn't follow up.Graham conceded at this point,and with the village held,hill held and gun under no threat,the Danish/Hesse alliance were declared the winners,and thoroughly deserved,good tactics and movement won the day,with just a little help from this animal............

The Gun that smashed the Irish regiments,cannister and good dice throws,saw it beat back two of the three regiments attacking the village,much to the delight of the terrible twins,who smirked and gloated at one point (it has been noted boys!)
Remember last week,when Richard completed a triple whammy of "gloatiness",well guess who was in charge of the Irish ??-club rule,those that gloat,shall be smote!!

This was a very enjoyable game,and really it didn't matter who won and who lost,we all played our parts,and made this a good game.
Roll on Thursday,two games I hope,Brian in the morning,and who knows who will turn up at night,it's good being retired you know,I don't know if I've mentioned that before!!


  1. Didn't matter who won or lost!!Empires have been lost with talk like this come on John "Play up!"Play up! and play the game!!!

    1. Brian,I'd do better being "on the game!!"

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