Sunday, 25 August 2013

Modern Game based on Georgians vs Russians.

Before I start this report,may I say,on behalf of all the "boys" in the club,many happy returns to Brian who has a birthday tomorrow, we hope you have a good day.

Well what can be said about tonight's game? I will be the first to admit that I know "zilch" about any period past the Colonial times,however for the sake of diversity,I decided to put on a Modern Game,featuring Tanks,Planes,Helicopter,Mortars,Bazookas, and Infantry squads!! I must have been mad!
It was pretty obvious from the word "go" that everyone else knew a million times more than me,resulting in a bit of a fiasco.
However,you can't win 'em all, so I'll just print some photo's and leave it at that.

From move one we were in trouble(Dave,Richard and I ) Brian,Paul and Graham decided to keep all their troops hidden (good tactics) and we walked right into all kinds of ambushes etc.
Having lost two of our five tanks in the first two moves just about sums up the whole game!!

We brought on a Helicopter,and couldn't hit a thing with either the rockets or gatling gun!!

Brian's mortar seems to have some sort of laser-guided automatic "hit" function,knocking out an infantry squad,whilst his bazooka team was knocking out two of my tanks!!

Mad Dog Murdoch (Dave) can be seen here holding his head in shame at missing all his targets with the Helicopter,whilst Graham and Paul appear to be "gloating"

Richard's squad attempting to capture a defensive position-NO CHANCE MATE!!

Well,there's always next week-back to periods I know and understand.
Happy birthday Brian.


  1. Thanks all for Birthday wishes afraid I let side down a bit and DID NOT get Horribly drunk!!!!