Monday, 12 August 2013

Macedonians vs Indians 325BC

Last night saw the most disgraceful display of "Gloatiness" I have ever witnessed,from Richard, in fact it was a triple whammy!! A gloat,a Smirk,and a Dance!! Brian was almost dragged into this display,and I could swear I saw his hips do a "shimmy!!" and all because Richard killed Alexander's right-hand man,Parmenio!

The scenario,the game was planned as a four hander,but Graham couldn't play so it was down to the three of us.I played the part of Alexander and Parmenio (he got killed in this game you know!) and Richard (or young gloat) played King Akbar,leaving Brian to play the Queen(!) Sukmar.
My objectives were quite clear,I had to capture the Pavilions of both Indian leaders,and of course the terrible twins had to stop me!

This is the overall view of the table,with Parmenio (he got killed you know!) at the bottom left,facing Akbar,and Alexander facing Sukmar in the background,all was set for a great game!

This shot is from Brian's side of the table,showing my Peltasts attacking the walls of his Pavilion,what a struggle this was,my first assault bounced,but my second was successful,to a point,and I managed to get into the camp,Brian then reinforced his beleagured troops with some heavy infantry,and threw me back out!! I then sent in some of my Hypaspist Units,and regained the position!

Brian has sent his chariots against my skirmish troops,who had to "scatter",leaving the right flank of my Hypaspists exposed,Brian took full advantage of the situation,and attacked them!!this move stopped me from sending the whole lot against the Pavilion,and probably saved the game for him!
meanwhile on the far left of my position a tremendous cavalry battle was being fought.

And here it is!! Both Brian and I had good troops here,but both our dice throwing let us down at various points,first Brian was winning,then I was winning,our commanders rushing all over shouting words of encouragement to their hard-pressed cavalrymen! classic stuff!

On Parmenio's ( he got killed you know!) flank,things were going a little better,both Richard (young gloat) and I threw our light troops at each other,and he won(but didn't gloat at this point) driving mine back behind the Phalanx,he then followed up with his Elephants,who took a right old hammering from the Pikes,forcing him to take morale,two broke and went straight back towards his heavy infantry,the other one eventually also broke but decided to go to Richard's right,heading straight for the stream and my flank!!

Meanwhile,back at Sukmar's place,I have gained a foot-hold (tenuous!) in the camp,although Brian's chariots are still causing me a bit of bother,the cavalry battle is still un-resolved,and things are not looking too good.

Brian's attack by his chariots can be seen in this shot,he has supplemented his chariots with some heavy cavalry,however I have moved some archers onto his flank,and these actually broke the chariots and forced the cavalry back,thus saving the flank.The rogue Elephant is making its way towards my flank,but a few arrows up its backside saw it off!!-Phew!

Phalanx and Indian heavy infantry clash! this should have been a "no contest move" however Richard threw some remarkable dice and stopped me for one move,the next move saw the Phalanx victorious though,and his infantry fled the field. I had sent Parmenio and his bodyguard around the right flank,and was beating everything that Richard sent against them,but,because Parmenio was leading them personally,he was vulnerable to getting killed,and of course the inevitable happend!!
Richard threw the correct combination of dice and por old Parmenio was no more!!followed by the aforementioned display of "gloatiness!"

You'll be sorry!!
with Richard beaten and Brian and I getting nowhere fast ,we called it a night and decided that it was a draw!
this was great wargaming,we all enjoyed every minute, roll on Thursday,Paul is back from Hollies,and we'll no doubt have another good game.

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