Friday, 30 August 2013

English Civil War Battle of Newark 1644

Last night Brian had devised a Game based on the Battle of Newark 1644,and pitched Paul against myself in what turned out to be a very good and exciting game.
We threw dice and I ended up as John Meldrum commanding the Parliamentarians,and Paul was Prince Rupert commanding the Royalists.
The objective was for the Royalists to get over the bridge,and I had to stop them-simples!!

From move number one it was mayhem all the way!! All commanders had to lead from the front,and were subject to shit,shot and shell!! needless to say our commanders were falling like flies,in fact my whole left flank became a leaderless rabble within two moves!! In the photo above,one of my infantry regiments is fleeing,and the cavalry (luckily out of shot) is being "molested" by the Royalists!!

Oh,Oh!! the cavalry,of which I spoke, can be seen being "molested",this whole wing collapsed,my cavalry fleeing,my infantry fleeing- " a horse,a horse,my kingdom for a horse-or I would settle for a good dice throw!!

What a bloody mess!!-however,my head did not go down,and I fought back,with a charge against Paul's infantry in the centre,and was victorious!-hurrah!!

This shows my right flank,where,I was having a bit of success! My cavalry are now "molesting" Paul's cavalry and forcing them back,I have held my infantry back until my cavalry were winning,I will unleash them any moment now!!!

"Now Maitland,now's your time,up and at 'em" my cavalry are threatening Paul's infantry whilst I have opened fire with my muskets,and will charge home to complete his discomfort!!
Although things are still not going too well in the centre and left flank,I was,at this stage,feeling a lot more confident (FOOL!!)

This is not a good picture,I used to have a flank here!! The Royalists are all over me like a rash!
If only I can capitalise on my success on the right,I might just get a draw out of this game.

Paul is too wily an opponent to allow me to rest on my laurels,and is pushing to cut me off from the bridge,and although I am still winning and pushing onwards on the right,the game seems lost!!

Yes,it is! Paul is sending his cavalry from the left flank,to support his beleagured troops on the hill,and I am doomed!!

This was a well thought out game-well done Brian,and well done Paul.
The next blog will be a report on "Border Reiver Show" which takes place on Saturday at the Gateshead Stadium.

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