Friday, 23 August 2013

Macedonians vs Persians 330 BC

Epic encounter last night as Paul and Brian (Macedonians) took on Dave and I as Persians.

Above are the scenario and basic battle map for our game,Dave was in charge of the "sortie" troops and mercenary hoplites,whilst I commanded the bulk of the Persian army,and cavalry.
Facing me was Paul in his role as Alexander,and Brian was Parmenio,commanding the troops opposite Dave-all was set for what turned out to be an Epic game-a mention must be given to Richard who turned up to watch even though he didn't have a command-enthusiastic or what!!

The vast majority of the figures used in this game are from Warrior Miniatures,including these Companion Cavalry.Paul used his cavalry to very good effect,blocking my superior numbers,and opening a channel,through which he charged,directly at Darius-great wargaming and true to history!

An imposing line of Persian infantry,however faced with a Phalanx,I wasn't expecting too much from them!

Brian's Thracian peltasts getting ready to move against Dave's axemen (sortie troops) Again these figures are from Warrior's ancient range,great figures,and very reasonably priced.

Action!! as Paul and I moved slowly towards each other,Dave and Brian were getting stuck into each other (ooh er!!) the ensuing melees went on for the whole game,with both side having success and failures,however,once again,"gloating" reared its ugly head>>>>>>>>>>>

Brian can be seen trying to stifle his laughter,whilst Paul seems to have gone "beserk!" You know you'll be sorry!!

The centres clash!! The phalanx has an enormous "clash value" and easily beat my infantry in the first round,however I did manage to salvage a couple of wins in the on-going rounds,and all in all we managed to fight each other into a stand-off situation.

The cavalry battle can be seen in this shot,Paul's tactics were wonderful to watch,he lured me into the corner of the board,away from Darius,then charged into the gap,and took on the royal bodyguard surrounding Darius.A lucky dice throw from me resulted in the attackers being thrown back,but not before they had reduced the bodyguards fighting ability somewhat!!
The rest of the cavalry battle swung both ways for most of the remainder of the game,but at last I was triumphant (but not gloating) and the famous companions were forced back.

On the fort flank,Dave's troops have been forced back too,but he regrouped them,came back in again and was successful,driving Brian's peltasts and Agrianians off the board-well done matey!!

The final shot,my central infantry are "retiring",however the flanks are both secure,and Alexanders position is tenuous to say the least,so the Persians were declared the winners.
This was an exciting game,action all the way,colour,good tactics etc. etc.

roll on Sunday,don't know what we'll be playing yet,but will be good!!

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