Friday, 16 August 2013

Germans vs Romans.

Last night saw Brian's German army's inaugural game,and what a game it was!
Brian, naturally,took the main command of his Lancashire Games army,assisted by Dave(who?) whilst Paul and I commanded the Romans.

The scenario and overall view of the table is shown in these two photo's,Dave is facing my auxilliary troops at the bottom of the shot,Brian is facing Paul in the background.

The top photo shows the German cavalry,commanded by Dave,which did my cavalry no favours by beating them in three melees,the bottom photo shows Brian's "lurking" archers,who Paul drove away with no bother!,however they did come back to harass Paul's flank!!

My aux.inf,seemingly safe upon a hill-fool!! nothing's safe when the Germans are around.Dave beset these troops with his warbands,and the fight swayed back and forth,but eventually,the Germans won,and drove me back towards the stream,this was nothing compared to the slaughtering of my cavalry and bolt throwing machines!!

Paul and Brian facing each other,of course the Germans charged straight at the Romans,sending them reeling at first,then Roman discipline kicked in and the Germans were forced back,they recovered,and came back in again-what a tussle!!
Paul's well placed cavalry was wreaking havoc among the warbands though!!

Crunch!! note the well placed cavalry,about to charge into a bunch of hairy Germans,along with three cohorts,keep your line tight Paul!!

Hmmm! Happy face or Worried face? All hell has broken loose on the top of the hill,Paul has chased one warband away,but is in danger of going too far away from the main line.

Meanwhile,back at the mountain pass,my back is being broken(get it? Brokeback Mountain!!)
I am in all kinds of bother here,it's the beginning of the end for my troops!!

Oh dear!! tears at bedtime for Brian,however Dave looks happy!
Brian,it's time to bring on your secret weapon in the fight against Rome............

OH NO!! not the wife's pussy!!-it's good to have a furry friend to help in setting up the wargames table isn't it??

This was a good game and in the end we decided to give a narrow victory to the Romans,mainly because Paul had driven Brian off the hill,even though I had been soundly beaten by Dave on my flank.
Roll on Sunday,probably a Marlburian game,and maybe 5 of us will turn up!!

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