Thursday, 8 August 2013

Romans vs Dacians 8.8.13.

This morning Brian and I had,probably, the best game we've had on a Thursday morning for a long time,and that's saying something!!

I put my new Dacian army against my Prince August Romans,and what a tussle it turned out to be.

This is the scenario,and initial troop dispositions,Brian commanded the Romans and I commanded the Dacians.

From the start of the game there was action!This is the left flank of my army,Brian has charged down from the hill and my warbands have counter-charged,my "fanatics" have charged the Roman cavalry,and are busy using their two-handed cutting weapons(the Falx) to good effect.

The centre and right flank advancing towards each other,this is going to be one hell of a crash!!-oh look Brian has managed to get himself in the photo!!
Both our battle plans were similar,a slow advance in the centre and a quick and furious clash on both flanks.

My Sarmatian cavalry have hit Brian's heavy cavalry,and for the first two rounds of melee,I had the upper hand,then Brian had the upper hand,then it was my turn,etc. etc.what a good fight this was,and still the centres were advancing slowly towards each other.

On the left flank,neither side could gain an outright advantage with their infantry,however the cavalry battle was not going my way-at the moment!!

The centres are just about ready to charge each other,whilst the cavalry battle continues in the background.
And,oh look,Brian has just about squeezed himself into the photo!!

CRUNCH!! the Romans have launched their Pila,and reduced my fighting ability,but even fighting at minus one from my dice,I managed to get two draws,and three wins!! The cavalry battle continues in the background!

Mixed fortunes for both sides,however Brian has placed his second line of cohorts too close to his first line,and can't use the Pass through rule-just as well I think!!Commanders on both sides were in the "firing line" and took their chances of getting killed,luckily neither Brian or myself could throw the necessary dice to kill them!

The right flank cavalry battle at last swings my way,and Brian's cavalry look as though they are about to be surrounded,and his legion has ground to stop!!-could this be the end of the Romans?

Not if Brian can help it!! his auxilliaries have once again charged my warbands on the left flank,and although his cavalry is beaten(at last) they are making life difficult for the Dacians.

This is the end,the Romans are being pushed back,and my warbands are hacking and slashing them to bits!!

What a game,we were both exhausted!! but the result was a fair one.
Roll on Sunday,probably another Ancients,Indians vs Macedonians.
I hope Allan from Lancashire games will read this blog,his figures look good,and didn't take me long to paint,Brian is within a whisker of completing his Germans,also from Lancashire Games,and many good games are to look forward to with them,vs Romans,Dacians and Gauls!!

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  1. Well what can be said... I could have stayed at home or gone to Greece for two weeks
    Hard Choise!

    John , I'm nearly through fullers generalship of Alexander

    Get those companions ready and parmenion's phalanx

    I need to smite some Persian immortals

    Look forward to seeing you guys soon